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I started to photograph weddings in 2010 while being a student at Bezalel, the leading academic institute in Israel for photography and arts. My approach as a photographer in events is to fit myself to the character of the wedding couple, their audience and the present situation. It includes being gentle as much as possible, while having a thorough assessment of the surrounding and an artistic view. Sometimes I look for the small and meaningful details, in other times I zoom out to see the scene as a whole. Throughout this process I end up documenting the beautiful moments naturally, gently and in a delicate manner.
I believe in the importance of the couple and the photographer feeling close and comfortable with each other. As you will find out, my work is rooted in naturally creating this bond already from the very first moment.
Currently I live and work in Tel Aviv. I have my own photography studio for fashion, products and portraits.
I will be very happy to meet you in person and document your event.

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